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serious twilighters.
t w i l i g h t e r s.

srs_twilighters is a community for Twilight fans who want to get back to what really matters - the story and its characters. If you're tired of reading about Robert and Kristen's alleged love life or listening to fangirls squee over Taylor Lautner's abs, this is the community for you. If you're a Twilight fan because you love the books and love to see them played out on screen, this is the community for you.

community summary.
s u m m a r y.

Still not sure what we're all about? Have a look at this:

What you'll find here:
- lots of discussion posts about the movies and books
- fan creations such as fanfiction, fan videos, fanmixes, graphics (icons, banners, wallpapers, etc)
- weekly spam/OT posts to get to chat and get to know other Twilight fans
- pretty much anything related to Twilight

What you won't find:
- thousands of posts about the actors' personal lives or non-Twilight projects
- squeeing over Taylor Lautners absssssss
- All-Human fanfiction.
The Rules.
t h e r u l e s.

1. This community is all Twilight, all the time (except for spam/OT posts). That being said, posts should be related to the books and movies - NOT the casts' personal lives or other projects. News stories concerning the actors will most likely be rejected unless it is somehow related to the Twilight movies.
2. All entries must be Members Only.
3. Icons and other graphics should be placed under a cut. If you want to include a preview, it should be no larger than three icons or one banner/wallpaper. Banners/wallpaper previews should not exceed 300x300 pixels.
4. When posting fanfiction, use this template:

Fanfiction posted to this community may NOT be All-Human or RPF. AU is okay but it should be easily recognized as Twilight fanfiction. The mods reserve the right to decide what fanfiction is appropriate for this community and what is not. If your fanfiction post is rejected, it's nothing against you or your writing, it's just not what we're looking for here.
5. PLAY NICE! If you have problems with another member or suspect someone is a member of the community that shouldn't be (for instance, a bot, Twihater, etc), you can send a PM to xbellacantante or leave a comment in the Page-A-Mod post. All comments are screened.

c r e d i t s.

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